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JOHN 17:26

The show runs daily
all DECEMBER long from

5:30pm to 9:30pm


91.1 FM

Please be courteous of my neighbors
and observe the following:



Extended Weekend Hours to 10pm


If you would like to support what I do, consider buying me a coffee to inspire future nights of creating fresh and new show songs!

Song List - Order



When you press the vote button, it will take 20-30+ seconds to load the page! This is because there are 1,600 other people using the same voting feature on shows nationwide.

Please be patient and wait for the page to completely load. (It will seem like nothing is happening or you may see a completely white screen.) Then, choose the song you'd like and accept the GPS location prompt to vote.

Thank you and enjoy!


Avengers Mix Various Avengers Soundtracks

2 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Jennifer Thomas

3 Wizards in Winter Trans-Siberian Orchestra

What Christmas is All About A Charlie Brown Christmas
Greatest Show The Greatest Showman Soundtrack
Winter Wonderland Pentatonix
Into The Unknown Frozen2 Soundtrack
Sleigh Ride Boston Pops
Christmas Is Francesca Battistelli
Let It Go Frozen Soundtrack
What Christmas is All About A Charlie Brown Christmas
Mary Did You Know? Pentatonix
10 Believe Polar Express Soundtrack
12 Halleluia Pentatonix
13 O Holy Night David Archuletta
14 Little Drummer Boy Pentatonix
What Christmas is All About A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Not Of This World LIGHTS Christmas Show is built and sequenced by Michael Coffing. He is a graphic designer/animator and brings his unique animation style to light up nights during the month of December. Tune to 91.1 FM and listen to the custom animated light sequences synced to the song list. 

For more information, be sure to check out the "How It's Made" link to see supplies and how everything was built in the show. 

From my family to yours,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

For me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:15

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lights do you use?

I use 12V RGB Pixels, known as "bullet" pixels due to their shape, evenly spaced in drilled PVC pipe. Each pixel is an LED light capable of producing the entire rainbow of colors at varying intensities ...learn more

How long does it take to sequence a song?

It takes me around 18-24 hours here and there to sequence one entire song. I'll sequence an hour or two at a time. On average, it takes about 2-4 weeks of that spare time to sequence an entire song. It also depends on how long the song is and how complicated the sequences are ...learn more

How many lights do you have?

I currently have 2,762 lights in my show running off 2 controllers: a SanDevice e682 controller and it's smaller sister, the e6804 controller. 

What is your favorite display element?

My favorite displays are the large hanging Snowflakes made up of 216 RGB pixel lights each. It takes longer to set up in the sequencing software but I love how I can turn them into fireworks ...learn more

How big is the computer to run the show?

The entire show is run from a single board computer called a Raspberry Pi that comes as a complete kit for about $70. It's about the size of a credit card! ...learn more

I want to do this! Where do you start?

Best advice is to first get a controller, power supply, at least one strand of lights, and follow online tutorials to get the lights to do what you want. Adding more lights and complex elements comes naturally after you get your first set of lights to work. Here is a list of everything I got when it was time to get serious ...learn more